The Rett Syndrome Association of Ireland

The Rett Syndrome Association of Ireland were delighted to be able to

Tobii Dynovox Devices on Display

Tobii Dynovox Devices on Display

host a Tobii Dynovox Eyegaze Training day in the Heritage Hotel in Portlaoise on the 8th of April 2016.

The event was very successful with over 70 people attending on the day including Speech and Language Therapists,  Occupational Therapists, Teachers and parents.



The event was recorded on the day so that it could be shared and viewed by everybody who has an interest in Eye Gaze Technology. Please have a look at the videos below and share with your SLT’s and OT’s and Teachers.


Here’s the first video…….






Here’s the second video……..







Unfortunately Sally Ann Garrett could not be there on the day but has kindly sent us on her power point slides. Click on the link below to download them.





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Send us an email if you need any more information.



The Tobii Dynovox re-seller in Ireland is Safecare Technologies based in Cork.


Give them a call on 1890 989 949 and they can arrange an assessment with your SLT of the Tobii Dynovox Eye Gaze device.



There are 3 devices available from Tobii Dynovox that will suit our girls.

The first one is the Tobii PcEye Explorer. This is the basic starting model for kids just starting in the world of exploring eyegaze technology and cause and effect. Pros of this is price… Around €800 for the device but then you will need a laptop or windows tablet or desktop PC with a USB 3 port on it (Newer PCs and Laptops). Cons of this device is that you can’t use it with the communicator 4 or 5 software but it is a great starting tool to allow or kids show the schools and SLT’s that our girls are well able to use this technology.









The second is the PcEye Go. This is the next model up and gives you full functionality with both the Look to Learn software and the Communicator 4 or 5 software. Its more expensive…. Around €1800 for this device and then you will need a laptop or PC or Windows Surface Pro tablet. Pros of this device is that it’s small and can be brought with you while out and about. Compared to the i12 and i15 devices, it’s much cheaper and makes it more attractive to the purchasing managers in the HSE !… For the first time, this gives our SLT’s an opportunity to put forward their recommendations for this device without over worrying about price and budgets. Our girls are more than capable of showing us what they can do and have shows time and time again that they can use eye gaze technology. Now there should be no reason for them not to get access to this technology. Cons of this device is that it still needs a laptop or windows tablet to be connected to. This means that you are dependent on the battery of the laptop or tablet to power this device for long periods and also dependent on the speakers of the laptop or tablet to be loud enough for the user or caregiver to hear it. While its a great stepping stone into Eye Gaze Technology, the ideal solution would be the i12 or i15 Tobii Dynovox devices.









The third one is the i12 and i15 devices from Tobii Dynovox. These are purpose built, IP55 (Water Resistant) Eye Gaze PC’s with built in loudspeakers and infra red control built in. They have longer lasting batteries and hardened glass on the screen. Prices from around €12,000. Pros… They are built by Tobii Dynovox for their devices and work. Tobii Dynovox provide technical support for this device if you have any problems. They have better batteries and better speakers than a normal laptop or tablet. They also come with Communicator 5 preinstalled on it. Cons… Price !!! BUT once our girls can show good use of this technology, there should be no excuses from the SLT or HSE for funding these devices. The i12 or i15 are the ideal solutions for our girls and should be the ones that are requested by the SLT’s after our girls are use to eye gaze technology and show proficient use.








Again contact your SLT and ask them to contact Safecare Technologies to arrange an assessment and to apply for funding from the HSE. Our girls need these devices to allow them to have a voice and to communicate their needs to everybody around them.