The Rett Syndrome Association of Ireland

10th Anniversary Family Weekend

Our 10th Anniversary Family Weekend was a wonderful success with attendances up on previous years for the main part in response to the calibur of speakers who kindly give of their time to attend. Meir Lotan & Cochavit Elefant gave two great seminars in the morning session on their specialities Physiotherapy & Music Therapy while for the afternoon session after being joined by members of the Ireland Grand Slam Winning Ladies Rugby Team we had seminars from Monica Coenraads & Dr. Daniela Tropea showing us the progress to date and the hope for the future in finding a cure for Rett Syndrome both in Ireland and around the world.

We must give a special thanks to our Patron, Mr. Steve Spade who kindly entertained everyone on the Friday evening, Mrs. Skittles together with the volunteers from Volunteer Centre who help entertain the siblings on the Saturday and all the staff and management of the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone.

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We look forward to our Family Weekend in 2014 and hope that it will be an even greater success.